Wayne County Biographies

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H Surnames

Edwin Hadley

J. C. Hadley

W. B. Hadley

Joshua W. Haines

Jacob D. Hampton

Isaac S. Harold

Benjamin Harris

Branson L. Harris

Thomas H. Harrison

Timothy Harrison

John Hatfield

Richard E. Haughton, M.D.

John Hawkins

Samuel Henley

John Henly

James W. Henry, M.D.

Simon Flavian Herman

Riley Hiatt

James F. Hibberd, M. D.

Albert Hill

Benjamin Hill

George Hill

Kittridge Hill

Lloyd Kittridge Hill

Robert Hill

Samuel B. Hindman

Omar L. Hittle

Robert Hodgin

David J. Hoerner

Joseph Holman

David Hoover

David Hoover

Larkin Hoover

R. R. Hopkins, M.D.

Isaac Vore Horney

A. M. Hosier

I. R. Howard

Rev. Isaac M. Hughes

James B. Hughes

Ammiel Hunt

C. B. Hunt

Charles Hunt

Clayton Hunt

Cyrus O. Hurst

Jesse M. Hutton

John H. Hutton

Noah H. Hutton

William P. Hutton

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