Wayne County Biographies

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D Surnames

John F. Davenport

Benjamin W. Davis

Henry T. Davis, M. D.

William Henry Davis

Benjamin Franklin Deal

Otis F. Deal

Allyn S. Deeter

William S. Dempsey, M.D.

David W. Dennis

John Dennis

Mattie Curl Dennis

George R. Dilks

William W. Dilks

Rev. John Dingeldey

Isaac C. Doan

Thomas Heath Dodge

David J. Doddridge

Mordecai Doddridge

William B. Dormer

John B. Dougan

James P. Dougherty

H. R. Downing

Isaac N. Drury

James K. Dugdale

Samuel G. Dugdale

Caleb S. Du Hadway

Washington I. Dulin

William Dye

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