Wayne County Biographies

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John Endsley

John Endsley, formerly from South Carolina, and in 1805 from Ohio, settled in what is now the east part of Abington, on John's Creek. With him, from Ohio, came his brother Abraham Endsley, who settled on the Whitewater, a mile from the mouth of Elkhorn, and two miles from town; and John Templeton who settled about fifteen miles south, in now Union county. John Endsley traveled the distance between South Carolina and Wayne county seven times; five times on horseback. The farm on which he settled and died was afterward owned and occupied by his younger son John until his death in 1870. James, the elder son, resides on the farm adjoining on the west, being that on which Andrew Endsley had settled, who was the father of Andrew, Jun., John, Sen., Abraham, Hugh, Thomas, Samuel, and Peter Endsley

History of Wayne County, Indiana by Andrew W. Young. pub 1872