Wayne County Biographies

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Jeremiah Cox

Jeremiah Cox ws born in Randolph co., N.C.; married mergery Pcket, and in 1806 removed with his family to this county, and settled where Richmond now is. His settlement here and his connection with the early history of the city, have been already noticed. His farm embraced nearly all of the present city north of Main street. He was in 1816 a member of the Convention which formed the first constitution of the state. In 1826, he sold his farm to Charles W. Starr, and removed to Randolph Co., 5 miles from Winchester, where he resided until his death. He was married three times, and had sixteen children. By his first wife he had seven daughters and one son, Jeremiah. The eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married Charles Moffitt, the father of Hugh Moffitt. By his second wife, Hemima Rhodes, he had a son. For his thrid wife he married Catharine Morrisson, sister of Robert Morrisson, and had by her six sons and one daughter. Of all the children only Jeremiah remains in the township.

History of Wayne County, Indiana. by Andrew W. Young. pub 1872