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C. G. Amidon

C. G. Amidon, manufacturer of and dealer in gloves and mittens, and tanner of deer skins and furs, Hartford; business established in the fall of 1879; manufactures about 300 dozens of pairs of gloves and mittens annually; has tanned since commencing about 5,000 skins. The subject of this sketch was born in Hartford April 22, 1850; is the son of Elisha and Augustine (Butler) Amidon; learned the cabinet-maker's trade in Clark Co., Wis. Was married at Monterey, Dodge Co., April 15, 1873, to Miss Eliza Cook, daughter of Henry Cook; Mrs. Amidon was born in Mayville, Wis. The winter following his marriage, he started in the pump business with Frank Fox, at Plymouth, and shortly afterward they took in Mr. Dockstader as partner, the firm being Dockstader, Fox & Co. In about two years he sold out, and went into the same business with Mr. Miller in the same town; continued that business two years; next went to Beloit in February, 1879, and engaged to run a tannery, for the tanning of deer skins and furs; eight months later he returned to Hartford and opened in his present business. In the winter 1880-81, he opened a glove and mitten store at Milwaukee, which he ran that winter.