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Kenelm Winslow II

"Kenelm (Kenelm), b. about 1636, early established his residence in that part of Yarmouth which was afterwards incorporated as Harwich, and which is now Brewster. His homestead was near the westerly border of the town, now known as West Brewster, Satucket, or Winslow's Mills. It is not known that he was engaged in any mechanical business, and he is styled 'planter.' or 'yeoman.' in sundry deeds; but, like many of his kindred, he secured a good 'water privilege.' which was certainly put to profitable use by his posterity, if not by himself.

Following the example of his father he purchased large tracts of wild land, especially in what is now the town of Rochester, on which several of his children afterwards dwelt. In 1679 he was engaged with the 'thirty partners' in such a purchase. See Mass. Hist. Coll., vix. 259, where he is erroneously described as of Marshfield, instead of Yarmouth. Like his father, also, he seems at least once to have incurred the displeasure of the General Court. Under date of 3 October 1662 (Rec. iv. 29), it is recorded theat 'Kenelme Winslow, junr., for riding a journey on the Lard's day, although he pleaded some disappointment enforcing him thereunto, is fined ten shilling.' He must not, however, be regarded as a scoffer at religion, or as negligent in the observance of its forms, for he traveled many weary miles to Scituate, on three occasions, that is children might not remain unbaptized. 'He brought to the 2d church in Scituate for baptism, Kenelm, 1668; Josiah, 1670; Thomas, 1672. It is well known that many of the ministers in the colony were opposed to infant sprinkling at that time.' (Deane's History of Scituate, p. 389.)

He m. Mercy, dau. of Peter Warden, of Yarmouth. She d. 22 September, 1688, 'in the 48th year of her age;' and he m. Damaris ---, who survived him, and was living 27 March, 1729. Mr. Winslow d. 11 November, 1713, 'in the 79th year of his age,' and was buried in a lot near his homestead, but within the easterly border of Dennis, apparently set apart as a family cemetery. This 'Winslow burying-ground is near the road leading from Nobscusset to Setucket.' (Freeman's Hist. Cape Code, ii 690.) In this ground the headstones of Mr. Winslow, his first wife, two sons, and many of later generations are still standing in good condition. No record is found of the birth of his children, and the accounts theretofore published recognize less that half of the whole number; but they are all named in his will, dated 10 January, 1712, except Thomas, who died in 1689. Seven of these children were born of the first wife, and four were the fruit of the second marriage."

Kenelm WINSLOW II was born in 1635 in Plymouth, Plymouth, Massachusetts. He died on 11 Nov 1715 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Kenelm married (1) Mercy WARDEN daughter of Peter WARDEN. Mercy was born in 1640. She died on 22 Sep 1688 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

They had the following children:

M i. Kenelm WINSLOW III was baptized on 9 Aug 1668 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He died on 20 Mar 1728 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Kenelm married Bethia HALL .

M ii. Thomas WINSLOW was born on 3 Mar 1673 in Scituate, Massachusetts. He died on 6 Dec 1689 in Harwich, Massachusetts.

M iii. Josiah WINSLOW was born on 7 Nov 1669 in Harwich, Massachusetts. He was christened on 31 Jul 1670 in Second Church of Scituate, Massachusetts. He died on 3 Apr 1761.

M iv. Samuel WINSLOW was born about 1674 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Samuel married (1) Bethia HOLBROOK. Samuel married (2) Mercy KING .

F v. Mercy WINSLOW was born about 1676 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Mercy married (1) Melatiah WHITE . Melatiah was born in Rochester, Massachusetts. He died on 21 Aug 1709. Mercy married (2) Thomas JENKINS before 22 Dec 1715. Thomas was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

M vi. Nathaniel WINSLOW was born about 1678 in Harwich, Massachusetts. Nathaniel married Elizabeth HOLBROOK .

M vii. Edward WINSLOW was born on 30 Jan 1681 in Harwich, Massachusetts. He died on 25 Jun 1760.

Kenelm married (2) Unknown after 1688.

They had the following children:

F viii. Demaris WINSLOW. Demaris married Jonathan SMALL on 30 Jul 1713. Jonathan was born in Harwich, Massachusetts.

F ix. Elizabeth WINSLOW. Elizabeth married Andrew CLARK on 9 Aug 1711. Andrew was born in Harwich, Massachusetts.

F x. Eleanor WINSLOW. Eleanor married Shubael HAMLIN on 25 Mar 1719. Shubael was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts.

M xi. John WINSLOW was born about 1701 in Harwich, Massachusetts. He died about 1755.

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