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Stephen Twining

Stephen Twining, was born March 5, 1692, and died at Newtown, August 21, 1775. He was a farmer and belonged to the Society of Friends.

He married, in November, 1718, Elizabeth, daughter of Roger and Elizabeth (Richards) Kirk. Her father was born 1686, settled in Pennsylvania as early as 1714, and married Elizabeth Richards, of New Garden; had Mary, Timothy, William, Elizabeth (mentioned above), Deborah, Rebecca and Samuel Richards. She was descended from Alphonsus Kirk, son of Richard Kirk, of Lurgan, Ireland, who came from Belfast in 1688 to Jamestown, Virginia, and removed to Pennsylvania, March 29, 1689; married, December 23, 1692, Abigail, daughter of Adam and Mary Sharpley, of Shelpot Creek, New Castle county, and settled in what is now Centreville. His oldest son Timothy had a son Roger Kirk, father of Elizabeth, mentioned above. Children of John and Elizabeth Twining: John, born August 20, 1719; Joseph, June 11, 1720, died December 28, 1733, at Newtown; David; Eleazer, born June 8, 1724; William, May 25, 1726; Thomas, June 28, 1728, died January 5, 1733; Jacob, October 15, 1730, married Sarah Miller; Rachel, November 11, 1732, died December 22, 1733; Stephen, April 5, 1734, married Mary Wilkinson.

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