Plymouth County Biographies

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Dr. Jonathan Leonard

Among those early members, in addition to those already mentioned in that connection, was Dr. Leonard, who was born in Bridgewater, February 17, 1763. His ancestor, Solomon Leonard, was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, moving to that place from Duxbury.

Dr. Leonard attended Harvard College and two years after his graduation from that institution in 1786, settled in Sandwich. Harvard College conferred upon him the honorary degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1824. It has been said of him "He had the confidence and respect of his associates and was held in esteem as far as his name was known." His death occurred January 25, 1849, aged eighty-six years.

Source: "History of Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable Counties Massachusetts; Volume I" by Elroy S. Thompson. Pub. 1928. Page 122