Plymouth County Biographies

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Dr. Walter W. Fullerton

March 24, 1926, Dr. Walter W. Fullerton, a native of Brockton, succeeded Dr. A. Elliot Paine as medical examiner of the Brockton district. For seven years before that he had been assistant medical examiner and during the latter part of the time had much of the work assigned to him, owing to failing health of the veteran examiner, who nearly completed fifty years in office before resigning

Dr. Fullerton has practiced since 1896, following his graduation the previous year from the College of Physicians and Surgeons at Baltimore, Maryland. He took a post-graduate course in medicine and pathology at the Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. For nine years he was visiting physician and pathologist at the Brockton Hospital. He served as city physician of Brockton three years. He has done post-graduate work in pathology, laboratory and autopsy training at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

He served with the American medical units in the World War, as captain int he United States Medical Corps.

Source: "History of Plymouth, Norfolk and Barnstable Counties Massachusetts; Volume I" by Elroy S. Thompson. Pub. 1928. Page 133-134