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Alonzo Willard Damon

Alonzo Willard Damon, fire and marine insurance president, born Norwell, Mass., Feb. 1847; son of Davis and Lucy (Damon) Damon; educated in public schools of Boston, Mass. Began business life as clerk in office of Washington Fire and Marine Insurance Co., of Boston, 1862; became secretary of company, 1880-1887; special agent for Franklin Insurance Co., of Philadelphia, 1888-1889; became special agent Springfield Fire and Marine Insurance, 1890; was assistant secretary 1891-1895; and in 1895 became president, which position he has held ever since. Elected president National Board of Fire Underwriters in May, 1910. Is director Third National Bank of Springfield, Mass., Springfield Street Railway Co., Holyoke Water Power Co., Cheney-Bigelow Wire Works; trustee Springfield Institution for Savings, New England Investment and Security Co.; commissioner of Sinking Fund, City of Springfield, Mass. Republican. Unitarian. Recreation: Golf. Clubs: Nayasset, Country (Springfield). Hosea Kingman, son of Philip D. and Betsey B. (Washburne) Kingman, was born April 11, 1843, at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. He began his classical studies at Appleton Academy, New Ipswich, New Hampshire, and entered college at the beginning of Sophomore year, in the Fall of 1861. During Junior year, he enlisted in the army and served for one year, when he returned to our class and completed the regular course. Immediately after graduating, he entered the office of William Latham, Esq., in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, and commenced the study of law. He continued his studies there until June 21, 1866, when he was admitted to the bar of Plymouth county, Massachusetts. He immediately entered upon the practice of his profession in company with William Latham, Esq., at Bridgewater, Massachusetts. This copartnership continued until October, 1873, at which time Mr. Latham retired from practice, and he has continued alone up to the present time. He was appointed a Justice of the Peace November 8, 1865. He was also appointed a Captain in the State Militia in 1866, and held that position for one year. He has been a Notary Public since November 25, 1873; Commissioner of Insolvency since November 23, 1877; Special Justice of the First District Court of Plymouth County since November 12, 1878, and City Solicitor of the city of Brockton, Massachusetts, since March 5, 1883. All of these official positions he continues to hold at the present time, with the single exception of Captain of Militia, and, taken in connection with his regular legal practice, they keep him crowded full of work all the time.

His religious preferences are Unitarian. In politics, he is a Republican. He was married June 21, 1866, to Miss Carrie Cole, of North Carver, Massachusetts. They have one child, Agnes Cole, born October 28, 1867.

Source: "Memorialia of the Class of '64 in Dartmouth College" complied by John C. Webster, Shepard & Johnston, Printers, 1884, Chicago