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William Brooks

William Brooks was a householder in 1644. His farm was south of Till's creek, latterly called Dwelley's creek, and his house near that of Capt. William Brooks, his descendant of the sixth generation. The spot seems to have been selected on account of the sweet spring of water near it. His wife was widow Susanna Dunham of Plymouth. His children were Hannah born 1645, Nathaniel 1646, (who married Elizabeth, daughter of Richard Curtis, 1678, and secceeded to his father's residence), Mary born 1647, Sarah born 1650, (who married Joseph Studley), Meriam born 1652, (who married John Curtis, son of Richard Curtis), Deborah born 1654, (who married Robert Stetson, Jr. son of the Cornet), Thomas born 1657, who married Hannah Bisby 1687, and Joanna born 1659.

The people of this name in Scituate have all descended from Nathaniel. His sons were William, Gilbert and Nathaniel. William's posterity remain on the ancient seat of the family.* Gilbert had a son William, born 1714, (who removed or died early), Gilbert 1718, and Benjamin 1720. Nath'l, 2d. married Mary Taylor 1717, and purchased lands of Michael Wanton, a half mile west of Hop-pole hill, where the fifth Nathaniel Brooks now resides. His children are of the seventh generation. Nathaniel, 3d. married Elizabeth Benson 1744, Nathaniel, 4th. married Deborah Brooks 1783, and Nathaiel, 5th. married Charlotte Lapham 1821. **

Thomas, the son of William, sen. had one son Thomas, born 1688, and a daughter Joanna born 1695. Thomas had no family. Joanna married John Ruggles, who secceeded to the farm of Thomas Brooks. It lies a half mile east of the residence of William above described. It was the farm of William Richards 1640.

* The late Capt. William, wo deceased 1821, on the paternal spot, was his grandson, (and son of William, who married Mary Braman 1737). His childen are Capt. William, who lives on the paternal farm, Sarah, (wife of Dea. Loring of Duxbury), Philenda, (wife of Capt. Luther Tilden), Temperance, (wife of Capt. Reuben Drew of Duxbury), Betsey, (second wife of Capt. Johnathan Tilden), Gilbert of Medford, Lucy, Seth and Nathan of Duxbury. Their mother Betsy Stodder.

**Nathaniel, 2d. had also a son Taylor, who married Miriam Curtis 1740. Capt. Noah was his son, born 1744, and died at sea. His son is Capt. Nah of South Boston, and his daughters the wives of William Bradford of Kingston, Samuel Kent, late of Scituate, and Hon. John Holmes of Maine.

Gilbert (son of Gilbert) was fatehr of late Samuel of Hanover, born 1742.

Nathaniel, 2d. had sons Noah, Michael, Simeon and Stephen, who died early or removed, born from 1723 to 1737.

Samuel Deane, History of Scituate, Massachusetts, from Its First Settlement to 1831. p. 223-4